We like to keep things simple

Full application package just £89 if you get in, £0 if you don’t.

We like to keep things simple

Full application package just £89 if you get in, £0 if you don’t.

What’s included

Initial Report

  • Your percentage chances for the top 25-30 universities offering your course.
  • Explanations about why your chances are high or low.
  • The top challenger routes if applicable for your subject.
  • A guide to strategy – how to make the most of your predicted chances and balance your portfolio of applications.
  • See below for an example initial report.

One year of free updates to your profile

  • Between getting your report and applying you can make changes when you need to update your profile.
  • For example if you get your score in an admissions test or if your predicted A level grades change.
  • We’ll update your profile and chances for free through the year to give you increasing certainty as you come towards applying.
  • Briefings throughout the applications cycle.

Briefings throughout the applications cycle

  • Access to our email briefings on universities – feeding you AI powered answers to frequently asked questions through the admissions cycle.

An investment in your future

  • We’ll give you the data you need to make the best possible choice about which university to attend.
  • From student satisfaction and completion rate to average starting salary and lifetime earnings you’ll be able to compare universities based on what matters to you.
  • You’ll invest £40,000-£60,000 and 3-6 years of your life in your university education: we help you make the best investment based on what matters to you.

Complete peace of mind

Get your money back if you don’t get any offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best time to buy an Appli report?

As soon as possible within 12 months of when you’re going to apply! Your report will show you the most important things you can do to improve your chances of getting in: the earlier you can start work on these the better.

Should I wait until I’ve got my predicted grades or admissions test scores (e.g. UCAT, TSA, BMAT) before buying a report?

No – you can update your profile for free as you get test scores or if your predicted grades change, so there’s no advantage in waiting.

Also as part of your report you’ll see how improving your grades and scores will change your chances of admission, so you’ll have real targets to work towards in your revision.

Does it take long to submit my profile? How does it work?

Not at all: it’s all done by answering questions from our chatbot and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

My grades are below the minimum entry requirements for a course at a particular university, why does my report say I’ve got a good chance there?

In many cases universities will give offers to candidates with grades far below their published minimum entry requirements – this allows them to be flexible when there are other factors in the applicant’s profile that make them an attractive candidate.

Based on our data of over 700,000 previous applicants our AI can pick out the cases where a university is likely to accept a given candidate for a particular course, regardless of their published minimum requirements.

Can I see what a report looks like?

Sure: see below for an example booklet from one of our previous students.

What are the conditions for the money back guarantee?

It’s very simple: if you buy an Appli report through our website, apply for that subject and don’t get any offers then we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Do I have to apply to universities where I’ve got the best chances to qualify for the money back guarantee?

Not at all – the only criterion is that you have to apply for the subject that you bought the Appli report for. For example if we’ve advised you on how to apply for maths then we can’t guarantee your chances for history!

How much does it cost?

A one-year Appli package costs £89 if you get into university and £0 if you don’t. This includes your initial printed report, delivered to your home or school address, updates to your chances of admission through the year as your profile changes, and our money back guarantee, meaning you don’t pay anything if you don’t get any offers.

Please note that this is the price for a UK applicant currently studying in the UK. Prices for international applicants or UK nationals studying abroad vary.

What if I’ve got no chance at any university?

In some very rare cases students have profiles that rule them out at most universities for their favourite subject. This is why we apply a screening step before students can buy an Appli report for each subject: making sure that they have a good chance of admission before they can buy. Even if this happens for a student for one subject it’s still possible they’ll be accepted onto other subjects.

How do I know that it works?

A few reasons! Firstly we test our AI’s ability to predict admissions chances on data from students over 10 years of admissions, leading to incredibly accurate predictions. Secondly we’ve had proven success for our previous students with their application success rates. But most importantly you can trust us because of our money back guarantee: we wouldn’t be able to offer this if we weren’t really able to help our students with accurate predictions.

What is a challenger route?

In some cases new institutions are challenging universities as the best route into desirable careers. For example the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology is quickly becoming recognised as one of the best routes into engineering. In many cases you apply to these routes outside UCAS, therefore giving you extra ‘free applications’.

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